28 juni 2006

Roskilde Festival Mixtape Vol. 2

A lot of the tunes got corrupted during the night. Sorry about that. I've removed the broken tunes, and spiced the new mixtape with some of my favorite Swedish tunes instead. I know that these tunes aren't directly related to the Festival lineup, but hey, who cares...

Ebba Grön - We're only in it for the drugs No. 1
Jens Lekman - You Are The Light
The Happy People - A Quiet One
The Marching Band - Letters
Hello Saferide - Highschool stalker

The Knife With Jenny Wilson - You take my breath away
Jenny Wilson - Bitter? No I just love to complain
Jenny Wilson - love ain't just a four letter word
The Streets - Could Well Be In
Jenny Lewis & The Watson twins - Melt Your Heart
Figurines - The Wonder
Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance

A lot of our frinds, have asked for Vol. 1 of the mixtape. If anybody puts it up for grabs, then please let us know. Thanks.

26 juni 2006

Epo-555 - New Video & Live Stream

Danish indie-pop band Epo-555 has a new beautiful video out for the track "Hyperschlieb" - Also check out the stream from their performace at the Spot-festival this year (provided by DR).

Epo-555 - Hyperschlieb (flash video)
Epo-555 - Concert Stream (.wma)


I Got You On Tape

Check out a new bootleg video made by Madsen for the I Got You On Tape single Doctor Watching. Nice job...

Doctor Watching
(music video)

24 juni 2006

Summer is the worst

... or is "summertime the roughest time". It's a 1000 degrees here in Copenhagen and I have been hunting down summer tunes all morning.

Got an email from Ace Fu Records with a link to the song "Summer is the worst" by Michael Leviton.

"I know you’re sweaty and lonely, and at the very least Michael is prepared to
remedy you with his ukulele-based nautical-themed love songs. It sounds
frightening but is, in fact, quite beautiful-- gorgeously orchestrated and
sweetly melodic, borrowing on textures from freak folk to barbershop to 1950’s
orchestrated pop."

Michael Leviton - Summers The Worst (mp3)


Anyways - my ipod is full with summer hits - go download some yourself:

Summer tunes at diyrockstar.blogspot.com
Summer tunes at www.muzzleofbees.com
Summer on Hype Machine

22 juni 2006

Grizzly Bear - On a Neck, on a Spit

Can't wait for the new Grizzly Bear album to come out in September - I have been listening to this tune all day - Over and out...

Grizzly Bear - On a Neck, on a Spit (mp3)


Grizzly Bear on Hype Machine

21 juni 2006

Roskilde Festival - One Week To Go

As most of our readers already know Christian, Martin & I will be covering this years Roskilde Festival. We have been emailing back and fort for the last couple of days and has come up with this program so far.

If you wanna hook up with us and buy your favorite blog-stars a beer :o) - Look for the bloody knife.

By the way comments are back up after a few months in spam-hell - don't be a stranger.

...And one last Roskilde tip of the day - go check out Two Gallants.

Two Gallants - La Cruces Jail (mp3)
Two Gallants - Waves Of Grain (mp3)

Cash / Dylan

I got an email from Brad the other day with the link to this video. If you like what you see I recommend that you head over to An Aquarium Drunkard and download the Dylan/Cash sessions.

Thanks for the tip man - hope everything is well in Aalborg.

Music Videos Galore

Someone has a real fetish for music videos from the 80's - this guy has been really busy and is linking to over 1400 music videos - Enjoy

Pitchfork has been busy as well and is sharing 100 of their favorite videos with us - Enjoy

New Jose Gonzalez video

20 juni 2006

Oceano da Cruz: Rocksploitation No more oceanomania

I highly recommend the new dubble album from lo-fi dane Oceano da Cruz. If you dig bands like Sebadoh and Pavement with a little folk and blues ingrediens, you'll probably dig OdC aswell.
Check a few tunes out and buy the album if your in...

Beehives mighty vicious (Mp3)

Guns for elephant (Mp3)

Morningside Records

Natasja & Ragga Pack - Roskilde Festival

Wanna take a break from the indie-rock scene on this years festival go spend your afternoon with the beautiful Natasja and her Ragga Pack on sunday 13:00 at the Pavillion Stage. The photo above shows Natasja hanging out with Karen Mukupa Rasmussen.

"The Danish queen of dancehall. Natasja – aka Lil’ T – was way ahead of her time in the 90s when she released a couple of singles with the band No Name Requested. At that time Denmark was not ready for the groovy rhythms so Natasja went to the motherland Jamaica and learned patois while she enjoyed her passion for gallop. In 2005 the dancehall wave hit Denmark and Natasja was ready with the album Release which holds an international promise only the tone-deaf can disregard. The summer heat will be at max when Babylon get slapped by the girl with the well-oiled voice."

Go download 3 tracks on her My Space page

18 juni 2006

Why ? - Roskilde Festival underdog...

While we been so busy linking to all the obvious bands at this years Roskilde Festival that we totally forgot the brilliant folk-pop / indie-hop act Why? - Go check it out at the Pavillion stage 18.00 on Saturday.

"Anticon-based and cLOUDDEAD rapper, singer, mumbler – whatever – Why? (aka Yoni Wolf) is one of the most eccentric characters on the contemporary musical world map. After having dabbled in a lofi-indie variant of hip hop, he (and the other three representatives of the group Why?) has now almost left the pot-head potpourri of hip hop for good for the benefit of a nonsense version of indie rock that with Why?’s sense of difficult solutions balances between the undeciphered absurd and a more direct, well at times pop expression. Swift and dissonant – yep, that’s the reason to the question Why?"

Why? - Rubber Traits (mp3)
Why? - Sand Dollars (mp3)


Placebo - Infra-red

Placebo is playing the Arena stage at 18:00 on sunday at this years Roskilde Festival. Check out their perfomace at this years Rock Am Ring and the new video to the single Infra-red.

Placebo - Infra-red (video)

Placebo - Meds - acoustic (mp3)

Download the rest of the acoustic set from Austrian radio station FM4 at Your Standard Life - Very good suff...

16 juni 2006

Accelerator festival

Wow! The one day festival "Accelerator" has a pretty spectacular lineup this year.


425 Swedish Kroner.

Accelerator Festival

Beta Satan !

The people behind Tiger Tunes has a new band out called Beta Satan... It is as Mogens K says: "With more balls and less silly" - I like it.

Download these two tracks or go become their friend on My Space - or whatever it is you kids do... ?

Beta Satan - Q's Wasted Dreams (mp3)
Beta Satan - Up To No Good (mp3)


Tiger Tunes - (angry kids of the world) UNITE (mp3)

14 juni 2006

Okkervil River

For some reason I totally missed out on this band last year. Luckily for me Soundvenue wrote a very flattering review of the album "Black Sheep Boy & Appendix".

Okkervil River - For Real (.mov Video)

Okkervil River - It Ends With A Fall (.mp3)
Okkervil River - No Key, No Plan (.mp3)

Okkervil River on Hype Machine

Belle and Sebastian + Freeze Puppy

Take a POV romp through the streets of Glasgow with far too much whiskey in your blood, in the new Belle and Sebastian video. White Collar Boy

And check this wired thing out: Freeze Puppy - Bounce

13 juni 2006


I don't know what to say... I have been complaining about the lack of originality on the Danish music scene for a long time... and then this guy shows up.

"Teppop is notorious for his absurd and highly entertaining live act where distortion, karaeoke, circuit bends, gabber techno and strange vocals is presented with genuine showmanship by this deadpan entertainer. His debut album Opretholdelse af unaturlige stillinger i unaturlig lang tid (translates Maintenance of unnatural postures for an unnnatural long period of time), shows Teppop at his most mischievously playful. Catchy synth melodies is succeeded by mock euro dance in double speed, and a bizarre fascination with the former Soviet Union lurkes beneath the surface."

Teppop - Kanøjser Elektro Børnekor (mp3)


Midlake: Young Bride (Music Video)

Everybody talks about Midlake theese days. I don't really know what to say, I mean they've made some absolutly amazing tunes, but somehow they're just a boring mixture of Travis and Sting. Well anywhere, here's their brand new video...

Young Bride (Music Video)

Roskilde Festival 2006

The Roskilde Festival 2006 is just around the bend, and yes, the lineup is absolutely fantastic.
You can always find your local drunk DoCopenhagen reporter under the flag, that looks like a big bloody knife.

We will try to squeese these concerts into our tight schedule:

Matisyahu -- on Hype Machine
Phoenix -- on Hype Machine
Scissor Sisters -- on Hype Machine
Shout Out Louds -- on Hype Machine
Silver Jews -- on Hype Machine
The Streets on -- Hype Machine
Under Byen -- on Hype Machine
Jenny Wilson -- on Hype Machine
Animal Collective -- on Hype Machine
Arctic Monkeys -- on Hype Machine
Clap your hands say yeah -- on Hype Machine
Editors -- on Hype Machine
Jenny Lewis -- on Hype Machine
Morissey -- on Hype Machine
Placebo -- on Hype Machine

The Raconteurs -- on Hype Machine
Martha Wainwright -- on Hype Machine
Rufus Wainright -- on Hype Machine

Why? -- on Hype Machine
Bob Dylan -- on Hype Machine

Two Gallants -- on Hype Machine
Frantz Ferdinand -- on Hype Machine

Figurines -- on Hype Machine
Happy Mondays -- on Hype Machine

"What?! no Tool!?" - no.

DoCopenhagen will report from the festival on a daily basis. Stay in touch.


12 juni 2006

The Raconteurs - New Steady As She Goes video

Vetiver - To Find Med Gone

"To Find Me Gone is the great leap forward... it seems to exist in its own magic bubble - hours after listening you find its plaintive melodies and transcendant arrangements lingering in the mind - like the residual atmosphere of a particularly vivid dream." (4/5, Mojo)

"My Favourite songwriter" (Devendra Banhart in Uncut)

'Album Of The Week' ( Sunday Times )

"Fucking great" (DoCopenhagen)

Vetiver - Maureen (mp3)

Vetiver on My Space
Vetiver on Hype Machine

11 juni 2006

2006 MTV Movie Awards - Gnarls Barkley

10 juni 2006

Matisyahu live

I am trying convince everyone I meet to go an see Matisyahu at this years Roskilde Festival. For those of you who aren't convinced yet watch the video below.


The Knife - We Share Our Mothers' Health (video)

New very cool animated The Knife video for the tune "We Share Our Mothers' Health" made by Motomichi Nakamura.

Watch it at www.silentshout.co.uk

Oh yeah by the way ... Danish electro-house-sensation Anders Trentemøller has made a remix of "We Share Our Mothers' Health" - found it over at Resonator.

The Knife: We Share Our Mother's Health (trentmøller remix) (mp3)

09 juni 2006

Copenhagen friday night + Primal Scream

Culture Box

Swedish electro-pop-hipsters Gentle touch is playing at Culture Box. Entrance is free.

Gentle Touch - Memories (mp3)
Gentle Touch - Smedby (mp3)

Klub Trash

DJ sets from Mikael Simpson, Kjeld Tolstrup, Under Byens Henriette Sennenwald, Diefenbachs Lasse Lyngbo, Moi Caprices Michael Møller and the members of Oh No Ono, Epo-555, Spleen United, Veto and I Got You On Tape.

Entrance is 100 kr - but hey... free beer from 22.00 to 23.00


By the way... as you already know Primal Scream is playing at this years Roskilde Festival - go download the exelent track "Country Girl" at their fucking My Space Page.

08 juni 2006

iPod Fever

07 juni 2006

The Bayonets

Fist of all - let me say: "I FUCKING HATE MY SPACE" (I really don't care if you are a single white male from the Bay Area who likes Midlake)... So when I link to a band that only has a My Space page I promise you that it's worth a listen. The Bayonets is one of those bands.

They have only been around for a few months according to Leeds Music Scene ...

Go download a few free tracks on their My Space Page.

Become my friend on Flickr instead

06 juni 2006

Broken Social Sceen: Fire Eye'd Boy (video)

Check out the new video from Docopenhagen's favourites Broken Social Sceen. Fire Eye'd Boy

01 juni 2006

Britta Persson - Winter Tour (Video)

I linked to Britta back in october when she had a demo tune out (old post)... Now she is back with a new album called "TOP QUALITY BONES AND A LITTLE TERRORIST" - Check out the first video from the album:

Britta Persson - Winter Tour (Video)

Or buy her album...