20 juni 2006

Natasja & Ragga Pack - Roskilde Festival

Wanna take a break from the indie-rock scene on this years festival go spend your afternoon with the beautiful Natasja and her Ragga Pack on sunday 13:00 at the Pavillion Stage. The photo above shows Natasja hanging out with Karen Mukupa Rasmussen.

"The Danish queen of dancehall. Natasja – aka Lil’ T – was way ahead of her time in the 90s when she released a couple of singles with the band No Name Requested. At that time Denmark was not ready for the groovy rhythms so Natasja went to the motherland Jamaica and learned patois while she enjoyed her passion for gallop. In 2005 the dancehall wave hit Denmark and Natasja was ready with the album Release which holds an international promise only the tone-deaf can disregard. The summer heat will be at max when Babylon get slapped by the girl with the well-oiled voice."

Go download 3 tracks on her My Space page


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