24 juni 2006

Summer is the worst

... or is "summertime the roughest time". It's a 1000 degrees here in Copenhagen and I have been hunting down summer tunes all morning.

Got an email from Ace Fu Records with a link to the song "Summer is the worst" by Michael Leviton.

"I know you’re sweaty and lonely, and at the very least Michael is prepared to
remedy you with his ukulele-based nautical-themed love songs. It sounds
frightening but is, in fact, quite beautiful-- gorgeously orchestrated and
sweetly melodic, borrowing on textures from freak folk to barbershop to 1950’s
orchestrated pop."

Michael Leviton - Summers The Worst (mp3)


Anyways - my ipod is full with summer hits - go download some yourself:

Summer tunes at diyrockstar.blogspot.com
Summer tunes at www.muzzleofbees.com
Summer on Hype Machine


Anonymous dirkhaim said...

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24 juni, 2006 23:11  

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