18 juni 2006

Why ? - Roskilde Festival underdog...

While we been so busy linking to all the obvious bands at this years Roskilde Festival that we totally forgot the brilliant folk-pop / indie-hop act Why? - Go check it out at the Pavillion stage 18.00 on Saturday.

"Anticon-based and cLOUDDEAD rapper, singer, mumbler – whatever – Why? (aka Yoni Wolf) is one of the most eccentric characters on the contemporary musical world map. After having dabbled in a lofi-indie variant of hip hop, he (and the other three representatives of the group Why?) has now almost left the pot-head potpourri of hip hop for good for the benefit of a nonsense version of indie rock that with Why?’s sense of difficult solutions balances between the undeciphered absurd and a more direct, well at times pop expression. Swift and dissonant – yep, that’s the reason to the question Why?"

Why? - Rubber Traits (mp3)
Why? - Sand Dollars (mp3)



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