21 juni 2006

Roskilde Festival - One Week To Go

As most of our readers already know Christian, Martin & I will be covering this years Roskilde Festival. We have been emailing back and fort for the last couple of days and has come up with this program so far.

If you wanna hook up with us and buy your favorite blog-stars a beer :o) - Look for the bloody knife.

By the way comments are back up after a few months in spam-hell - don't be a stranger.

...And one last Roskilde tip of the day - go check out Two Gallants.

Two Gallants - La Cruces Jail (mp3)
Two Gallants - Waves Of Grain (mp3)


Blogger Anders Buhl said...

I'm doing everything I can to hook up with the DC team guys...

22 juni, 2006 12:38  

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