13 juni 2006


I don't know what to say... I have been complaining about the lack of originality on the Danish music scene for a long time... and then this guy shows up.

"Teppop is notorious for his absurd and highly entertaining live act where distortion, karaeoke, circuit bends, gabber techno and strange vocals is presented with genuine showmanship by this deadpan entertainer. His debut album Opretholdelse af unaturlige stillinger i unaturlig lang tid (translates Maintenance of unnatural postures for an unnnatural long period of time), shows Teppop at his most mischievously playful. Catchy synth melodies is succeeded by mock euro dance in double speed, and a bizarre fascination with the former Soviet Union lurkes beneath the surface."

Teppop - Kanøjser Elektro Børnekor (mp3)



Blogger ed said...

Haa! Supercool!

01 juli, 2006 15:34  

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