09 juni 2006

Copenhagen friday night + Primal Scream

Culture Box

Swedish electro-pop-hipsters Gentle touch is playing at Culture Box. Entrance is free.

Gentle Touch - Memories (mp3)
Gentle Touch - Smedby (mp3)

Klub Trash

DJ sets from Mikael Simpson, Kjeld Tolstrup, Under Byens Henriette Sennenwald, Diefenbachs Lasse Lyngbo, Moi Caprices Michael Møller and the members of Oh No Ono, Epo-555, Spleen United, Veto and I Got You On Tape.

Entrance is 100 kr - but hey... free beer from 22.00 to 23.00


By the way... as you already know Primal Scream is playing at this years Roskilde Festival - go download the exelent track "Country Girl" at their fucking My Space Page.


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