14 juni 2006

Okkervil River

For some reason I totally missed out on this band last year. Luckily for me Soundvenue wrote a very flattering review of the album "Black Sheep Boy & Appendix".

Okkervil River - For Real (.mov Video)

Okkervil River - It Ends With A Fall (.mp3)
Okkervil River - No Key, No Plan (.mp3)

Okkervil River on Hype Machine


Anonymous Rotte-Lotte said...

Oh and they played a brilliant set in Vega last month. Too bad their original venue got flooded though. Their short set before Neko Case's boring support act was way too short.
Don't fall in love with everyone you see is a great album aswell.

21 juni, 2006 23:13  

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