28 februar 2006

The Shout Out Louds

Swedens The Shout Out Louds are out with their new single Please Please Please. Check out the video and a few of my old personal SOL favourites.

Please Please Please (WMA)

The Comeback

Very Loud (WMA)

Most Valuable Players

I just ordered the album "You In Honey" by Most Valuable Players after listening to this tune all day:
Stockholm doesn´t belong to me (mp3)
Go buy the album at dotshop.se

Also go and listen to a few new tunes from the wonderful new album from The Matinee Orchestra at their My Space page.

27 februar 2006

Justin Rutledge - Alberta Breeze (mp3)

My main folk man of 2005 Justin Rutledge has been working hard in the studio over the last few months and has just leaked one of the new tracks from his upcomming record.

"The track being released is entitled, "Alberta Breeze". You will hear a magnificent vocal accompaniment from one of Ontario's finest [and multi-skilled] artists, HAWKSLEY WORKMAN. Please visit Hawksley at: http://www.hawksleyworkman.com. Hawksley + Justin = Sensational. I think you will agree. Instrumentation is provided by Justin and The Junction Forty."

Justin Rutledge - Alberta Breeze (mp3)


26 februar 2006


My favourite web waste of time thees days Fabchannel can now bring you a brand new Kashmir concert recorded in Paradiso on the 14th of February.
Check it out

23 februar 2006

Oh No !! Oh My !! - Ohhh YEAH

I have been listening to the oh-so-great Indiebear podcast about 10 times today. I especially kept rewinding back to the song by Oh My !! Oh No !! track and decided to check out their website. If you thought that the Victor Scott album below was a bargin - then go buy the new Oh My !! Oh No !! album for just $ 1,50 - Go Go Go before it's too late.

Oh My !! Oh No !! - Jane Is Fat (mp3)
Oh My !! Oh No !! - Walk In The Park (mp3)

Another of my new favorite bands Band Of Horses was also played on the podcast. If you haven't yet... check them out:

Band Of Horses - Wicked Gil (mp3)

Band Of Horses - I lost my dingle on the red line... (mp3)
Band Of Horses - Funeral (mp3)
Band Of Horses - Bass Song (mp3)


Victor Scott - Happy Days

Anders did a post about Victor Scott at the end of last year. Since then Victor has released not one but two albums and he was gracious enough to email them to us. It has taken me over a week to get used to these album as many of the songs are very different from the music I usually listen to, but if you give Victor a chance I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

"The album would traditionally have been called an unmarketable album, but because of the expanding horizons of the interweb, its getting lots of interest... Here's a couple of samples from the record but its a schizo kind of a record, so they're not all representative:"

Gotta Go (mp3)
Mareel (mp3)
Airstream (mp3)
Golf (mp3)

Anyways... you should go and buy the two albums at SVC Records for £ 3.00 (Damn that's cheap).


January Jaunt

I've started to fall in love with this danish band, you gotta check them out! January Jaunt

21 februar 2006

The Adventures of Strip Squad

Strip Squad is a cute swedish band. With their catchy straight forward indie-electro-pop and their perverted lyrics this band has been my favorite band of the week.

"when he masturbates he thinks of pretty things like the arch of your eyebrow your almond shaped eye"

They have a new album out called "The Adventures of Strip Squad". You can order it from their website for just 6€.

Listen to these songs:
Pervert/Expert (mp3)
Unreliable Narrator (mp3)
Hairless Youth of Bosnia (mp3)
If You Don't Take Me Right Away You Might As Well Fuck Off! (mp3)
Razorcuts (mp3)


Death Cab For Cutie Directions video # 5

The 5th video in the Directions project is now available.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark


20 februar 2006

My Morning Jacket

I know that we have talked a damn lot of My Morning Jacket here at Docopenhagen, but I just can't seem to get my hands down. This band is amazing! The guys did a performance at The Austin City Limits show at February 11th. Check it out and listen to the two best tracks on the Z album.

What a wonderfull man (Live at The Austin City Limits)

Wordless Chorus (Real MP3)

Off The Record (Real MP3)


Gentle Touch

Yesterday I went to the countryside to take care of my little niece. While she was sleeping, I went for a walk at the harbour, with the brand new Gentle Touch mp3s on the iPod. It was just the perfect soundtrack. There’s just some kind of a clean Scandinavian freshness about this band that I really enjoy.

Gentle Touch - Smedby
Gentle Touch - Memories

Buy the debut ep here:

Visit the guys here:

19 februar 2006

Jens Lekmans present...

Docopenhagen sweetheart Jens Lekman has put his three tour EP's up for grabs!
What a wonderful present Jens. Thanks alot :)

Go featch


After a very busy week I finally got around to clean out my inbox. We got an email from Patrick from Montreal that said: "Instead of the Arcade Fire-esque sound, we are more intro Radiohead-esque, Pink Floyd-esque sound without the glory and fame."

Check out these three tracks:
Sleeping (mp3)
The Party (mp3)
Am I A Magician? (mp3)

Go download more music at www.plajia.com or vist their My Space site.

New Hybris Videos

We Are Scientists - It's A Hit (Video)

18 februar 2006


Copenhagen rockers Campsite has just released their brilliant debut, Names, Dates & Places. If you're into bands like The Killers, Interpol and New Order you gonna love theese guys. Check out a concert from the Eurosonic festival in the Netherlands January 12. And buy the album online if you're convinced.

Campsite LIVE (wma)



17 februar 2006

Blood Music - Copenhagen

Christian and I went to the John Parish / Blood Music gig last night. Everybody seemed to enjoy the John Parish performance but I think it was as boring as Death Cab For Cutie concert last week. The only good thing about this was that we had an excuse to leave early and get an extra hour of sleep.

Anyways... the Blood Music show was really good. Check out this little film I shot with my pocket camera. It's a cover of The Ramones tune "Somebody Put Something In My Drink".

16 februar 2006

Danish Delights part 2

15 februar 2006

Beastles & Portishead Remixed

If you like mash-ups you should check out these two links:

The Beastles - Mash-ups of The Beatles and Beastie Boys
Portishead Remixed - Different mash-ups of Potishead Dummy

Both sites have links to torrents.

Join The Dark Side

My music taste seems to be pretty much in line with David Fricke. As a subscriber to Rolling Stone Magazine, an insignificant branch of DoCopenhagen Corporation, I always have to check out his recommendations. This month this bad habit opened my eyes for Tara Angell.
She is a Singer/Songwriter from New York City. Her music is dark, melancholy but cool and very well crafted. Her debut album is named Come Down and should be checked out.

You Can't Say No To Hell (live Radio 4 - Holland)


Martin Buhl

John Parish & Blood Music

There’s a must-see concert at Loppen in Copenhagen tomorrow. Legendary John Parish stops by on his European tour. One of my favourite artists, Blood Music will warm up.

John Parish – Kansas City Electrician
Blood Music - There is a war...
Blood Music - The Hair
Blood Music on Myspace.com (Check out tune no. 2 "And she is the Future". Great stuff!)

Speaking of great live shows, The Knife has announced that they will perform live this spring! There has only been scheduled a few concerts in Sweden for now. But concerts in France and Berlin are on the way!

14 februar 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Even though Valentines Day is not a big deal in this part of the world I had a talk with a desperate man at work today who was kid of sad that he didn't have anyone to share this evening with. The best advice I could give him was that he should subscribe to the Suicide Girls video-podcast and go to bed early.

If you don't have a date either or if you are just looking for some cool content for your overpriced video iPod this is my "tip of the day" to you.


Love from THC

By the way... These are my 3 favorite music podcasts (please let me know your favorites):

Indie Interviews
CBC Radio 3

Blue Foundation

Denmark's Blue Foundation are about to put out their well expected follow up to Sweep of days. The album, Dead Peoples Choice,will be out on vinyl and digital download on the 6th of March and on CD on the 20th of March. The 7 track album are a combination of new songs and alternative versions and mixes from Sweep of Days. You can listen to a new song every week on


The first song is
"Voices". Click on the album cover in the right side to listen to the track.


13 februar 2006

Devics - Push The Heart

I was first introduced to this wonderfull musical duo from Los Angeles when I found their album "The Stars at Saint Andrea" in my girlfriends record collection. Not only did it stand out from all her horrible heavy metal stuff but it instantly became a classic in my own collection.

Well now two years and a baby after Devics has a new album out called "Push The Heart". I haven't heard the entire album yet but after listening to a few of the new track I am convinced that it will be one of my 2006 favorites.

Listen to these fine tunes:

Lie To Me (mp3)
Distant Radio (mp3)
Song For A Sleeping Girl (mp3)
Come Up (mp3)

Buy the album at Amazon

Thanks to rbally - the oh so quiet show & dj mostermo for the mp3 links

Oh yeah by the way... Go download the brand new track "Josh Ritter - Girl In The War" at Pitchfork.

12 februar 2006

DCFC - Copenhagen

There was some mixed feelings about the Death Cab For Cutie concert in vega last night. These mixed feelings almost ended in a docopenhagen fist fight on the stairs after the show. I think a lot of the bad vibes had something to do with the "No Smoking" policy that the band had requested... We are going backwards

Anyways here is a little movie I took with my pocket camera.

11 februar 2006

The Silent League

I really love this song!

Breathe by the Silent League

10 februar 2006

Moi Caprice

Another great band from Denmark...

Watch the video To The Lighthouse made by the director's trio and design company Ingen Frygt

The Walkmens yardsale...

Marcata Recordings lease is allmost up and the guys are selling all their studio equipment at really reasonable prices! So if your looking for some vintage recording gear click HERE
But hurry up alot of stuff is allready gone...

The Walkmens new album "A Hundred Miles Off" will be out May 23rd.

Movie by Arctic Monkeys

For those of you who are into films The following story from NME might have some interest.

Martin Buhl

09 februar 2006

The Arrogants

The new album from California band The Arrogants "you've always known when best to say goodbye", are out and that makes me feel good!
Right now the weather in Copenhagen is dark, cold and wet, but it dosen't matter when you listen to these great songs that makes you think of summer!
You can download the album at www.arrogants.com for only §4.00!

Check out some tracks:

Cool Shoes (MP3)

Lovesick (MP3)

Wishing Well (MP3)


To: Elliott / From: Portland


I know it's a cliche - but I've been so busy at work the last couple of days that I haven't had time to make a proper post. Well today is no exception ... but since I named my first born son "Elliott" after Elliott Smith I feel obligated to tell you that the Tribute: "To: Elliott / From: Portland" is fucking great...

Listen to these three tunes:
The Decemberists - Clementine (mp3)
Amelia - Between the Bars (MP3)
We Are Telephone - Division Day (MP3)

Read these reviews:
Silent Uproar

Stream the whole album at AOL
Buy the album at insound


The Weather

It's not a secret that I adore the canadian Indiescene. I've just discoverd this new act from Vancouver. They call themself The Weather, and their style of music is somewhere between pop and folk in a rather slagger kinda way. They'll put out their debut "Stolen Billions" this March. Check out the lo fi video to In Denial and listen to some tracks from the forthcomming album.

In Denial
(Music Video)

How (MP3)

Wherever there is (MP3)

Unloveable (MP3)

The Weather Channel (Podcast)


08 februar 2006

Jenny Wilson - Videos

I know, I know... I might have been over-promoting Jenny Wilson a bit. But I just had to link these two videos:

This one is brand new:

"Let My Shoes Lead me Forward" (.mov)

This one is a few months old but haven't been online before.

"A Hesitating Cloud of Despair" (mp4)

Anyways both videos are brilliant in their own way... enjoy


07 februar 2006

Jack & George

Super surfer and singer/song writer Jack Johnson has released his new album today, titled Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies. The album is also the sound track for the new animated movie, Curious George, about the legendary but top annoying little monkey and the man with the yellow hat. Jack has brought in a bunch of friends for the record among others: Ben Harper, Adam, Merlo, Zach, G. Love, Matt Costa.

The first single, Upside Down, sounds pretty much like the usual Jack Johnson stuff. It makes you smile on a Monday morning but it never makes you trash your hotel room.

You can check out Jack and George playing around in a tropical paradise in the brand new video for Upside down.


Martin Buhl

Poster Competition - Win Win

Wanna win one of these fabulous posters made by Jon from Standard Motion ?

All you have to do is answer the the following question:

Where in New York is Standard Motion based ?

a) Harlem
b) Brooklyn
c) Queens

If you have no idea you might wanna check out www.standardmotion.com

Send your answer to: docopenhagen@gmail.com

All posters are printed on super-heavy and beautiful 100lb white or natural stock and are 12x18in.

Please write which poster you like the most ("Sufjan" or "Built To Spill") and write your address so we know where to send it.

The competition ends on February 20th. Winners will be picked at random. Judge's decision is final.

The Heartstrings - Perfect Pop

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with listening to some simple pop music. The Heartstrings has just released a wonderful pop EP called "The Fly Blue Sky" - To be honest I have only been listening to this band all day because I forgot to refill my iPod this morning but after a few rotations of the tracks below I am really looking forward to the day when they will release an entire album. Anyways... Check it out - hope you like (the download is a bit slow but it's worth the wait).

Cannonball Stan (mp3)
Pedalo (mp3)
Her New Disaster (mp3)


06 februar 2006

The Elected

DoCopenhagen has done a couple of posts about the brilliant new album, Rabbit Fur Coat, from Jenny Lewis. Jenny is also playing with guitarist Blake Sennett in the band Rilo Kiley. While Jenny has been doing her solo stuff, Blake has formed The Elected.
The Elected just released the second album, named Sun Sun Sun. If I should describe the sound, I would have to say that it's kind of indie rock, alt-country and the band has obviously been inspired by singer/song writers like Elliott Smith.
Good stuff I think.
Watch or just listen to The Elected playing live on KCRW.

Martin Buhl

Death Cab For Cutie - Directions - Video #3

The third video from the Directions project is now available at www.deathcabforcutie.com/directions. The video is directed by Lightborne a motion design firm who has also made videos for bands like The Greenhornes and Bad Religion .

Death Cab For Cutie - Summer Skin (.mov)

Dinosaur Jr

One of my all time favourite bands Dinosaur Jr decided last year to reunited after they reissued the first three albums "Dinosaur Jr, "You're Living All Over Me" and "Bug". Right now they're about to make the new comeback album, so I guess all we can do is wait. While we're waiting, check out some old songs and the cool video to Feel The Pain, directed by Spike Jonez.

Forget The Swan (MP3)

Freak Scene (MP3)

Feel The Pain (Music Video)


Cover Dude

This is a little cool app. for people who wanna spend time putting cover-art on their music in iTunes... or for people like me who just love album-cover-art.



Oh yeah - by the way....

For everybody living in Denmark you should check out the little docopenhagen interview we have in music magazine Gaffa this month and also listen to CK and THC on Jacobs Podcast where we talk a little about docopenhagen and music marketing in general.

05 februar 2006

Danish Delights

Have a listen to some danish artists all ready with brand new albums:

I Got You On Tape : Doctor Watching [wma]
Lampshade : New Legs [wma]
Campsite : Lines Intact [wma]
Veto : Can You See Anything? [wma]
The Alpine : Mondays Look The Same [wma]
Skywriter : Where Both Worlds Never Meet [wma]
Baby Woodrose : Kitty Galore [wma]
epo-555 : Harry Mämbourg [wma]

Maximo Park - Missing Songs

On Feb. 21 one of my favorite British acts Maximo Park will release a 9 track album featuring b-sides and three previously unreleased demos for "Apply Some Pressure", "Graffiti" and "Once, A Glimse".

"Missing Songs is meant to act as both a treat for hardcore fans and a welcome addition to the collection of new converts."

These are my three favorites:
Isolation (mp3)
Grafitti (Original Demo Version) (mp3)
Apply Some Pressure (Original Demo Version) (mp3)


Graffiti - Video (.mov)
Apply Some Pressure - Video (.mov)
Going Missing (.mov) - Video (.mov)

Oh yeah by the way... MP also have a new EP "I Want You To Stay" out on the 20th of February - Check out their e-card.

03 februar 2006

Recommended gigs in Copenhagen

If you are one of the lucky few, who is living in the wonderful city of Copenhagen, you should really go to some of these concerts.

February 28th: Levellers
March 3rd: Chicks On Speed
March 18th: Jenny Wilson

Stengade 30:
February 24th: DJ Mike Joyce (The Smiths), Pelle Carlberg, Loveninjas, Slowburn, DJ Caine and DJ Land

February 4th: Arab Strap
February 11th: Deathcab for Cutie with John Vanderslice
February 19th: Editors
March 4th: Snow Patrol
March 10th: The Sounds
March 12th: The Cardigans
May 3rd: Todd Snider

Amager Bio:
April 29th: Iron and Wine

Arab Strap - Amante De Una Noche
Arab Strap - Mustard Pants" - Live
Arab Strap - Who Named The Days?
Arab Strap - G.S.O.H."
Arab Strap - Love Detective
Arab Strap - Drug Song For Paula
Arab Strap - We Don't Make Each Other Laugh Anymore
John Vanderslice - Exodus Damage
John Vanderslice - Trance Manual
Love Ninjas - Keep your love
Pelle Carlberg - Go to hell Miss Rydell
Pelle Carlberg - Riverbank
Iron and Wine - Woman King
Iron and Wine - Naked as we came
Iron and Wine - Jesus the Mexican boy
Iron and Wine - Lions Mane

Oh, and check out the new Cardigans video "Don't blame your daughter":
Cardigans' video page

..Please drop a line, if I've missed some important gigs...

02 februar 2006

The Sounds Video + Leaked Morrissey Track

Even though this new track by The Sounds is a bit disappointing compared to their previous work I had to link this video just because Maja Ivarsson is so fucking hot...

The Sounds - Song With A Mission (.mov)

The Sounds have a new album coming out on the 21th of March. Listen to another track from the upcomming album "Dying To Say This To You":

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers (mp3)

The Sounds on My Space

And Torr informs us that the opening track from the new Morrissey album has been leaked:

I Will See You In Far Off Places (mp3)

01 februar 2006

Hot Chip + Death From Above 1979

Londons Hot Chip are out with a video to the new single Over and Over. I like their lo-fi psychedelic pop and the video is pretty cool too.
Speaking of cool videos, check out the Mstrkrft remix of the Death from above 1979 track Sexy Results

Hot Chip: Over And Over (music video)

Death From Above 1979: Sexy Results (music video)