13 februar 2006

Devics - Push The Heart

I was first introduced to this wonderfull musical duo from Los Angeles when I found their album "The Stars at Saint Andrea" in my girlfriends record collection. Not only did it stand out from all her horrible heavy metal stuff but it instantly became a classic in my own collection.

Well now two years and a baby after Devics has a new album out called "Push The Heart". I haven't heard the entire album yet but after listening to a few of the new track I am convinced that it will be one of my 2006 favorites.

Listen to these fine tunes:

Lie To Me (mp3)
Distant Radio (mp3)
Song For A Sleeping Girl (mp3)
Come Up (mp3)

Buy the album at Amazon

Thanks to rbally - the oh so quiet show & dj mostermo for the mp3 links

Oh yeah by the way... Go download the brand new track "Josh Ritter - Girl In The War" at Pitchfork.


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