07 februar 2006

Poster Competition - Win Win

Wanna win one of these fabulous posters made by Jon from Standard Motion ?

All you have to do is answer the the following question:

Where in New York is Standard Motion based ?

a) Harlem
b) Brooklyn
c) Queens

If you have no idea you might wanna check out www.standardmotion.com

Send your answer to: docopenhagen@gmail.com

All posters are printed on super-heavy and beautiful 100lb white or natural stock and are 12x18in.

Please write which poster you like the most ("Sufjan" or "Built To Spill") and write your address so we know where to send it.

The competition ends on February 20th. Winners will be picked at random. Judge's decision is final.


Anonymous Anonym said...

what a wierd competition.

07 februar, 2006 23:17  
Blogger Thomas Christensen said...

what a weird comment

08 februar, 2006 09:57  
Blogger Metz said...

Hi Baby!
I checked out the Standard Motion website - and found out that he lives (or works) very close to where I'll be living in a week :o). What is his name? Maybe I'll pop by and see his work...
Love, Metz

09 februar, 2006 19:55  
Blogger WaLSTeD said...

Does anybody know of any place in Copenhagen where Standard Motion posters are sold! I find them super nice :-)

15 februar, 2006 15:51  

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