07 februar 2006

Jack & George

Super surfer and singer/song writer Jack Johnson has released his new album today, titled Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies. The album is also the sound track for the new animated movie, Curious George, about the legendary but top annoying little monkey and the man with the yellow hat. Jack has brought in a bunch of friends for the record among others: Ben Harper, Adam, Merlo, Zach, G. Love, Matt Costa.

The first single, Upside Down, sounds pretty much like the usual Jack Johnson stuff. It makes you smile on a Monday morning but it never makes you trash your hotel room.

You can check out Jack and George playing around in a tropical paradise in the brand new video for Upside down.


Martin Buhl


Anonymous Anonym said...

so is he trying to act like 'upside down' is a new song?

07 februar, 2006 22:09  

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