05 februar 2006

Maximo Park - Missing Songs

On Feb. 21 one of my favorite British acts Maximo Park will release a 9 track album featuring b-sides and three previously unreleased demos for "Apply Some Pressure", "Graffiti" and "Once, A Glimse".

"Missing Songs is meant to act as both a treat for hardcore fans and a welcome addition to the collection of new converts."

These are my three favorites:
Isolation (mp3)
Grafitti (Original Demo Version) (mp3)
Apply Some Pressure (Original Demo Version) (mp3)


Graffiti - Video (.mov)
Apply Some Pressure - Video (.mov)
Going Missing (.mov) - Video (.mov)

Oh yeah by the way... MP also have a new EP "I Want You To Stay" out on the 20th of February - Check out their e-card.


Anonymous philip r said...

just a question: how come you give antville no linklove in your other sites list...?

05 februar, 2006 20:33  
Blogger Thomas Christensen said...

There is now...

05 februar, 2006 22:44  
Anonymous ErosLane said...

How delightful is that! I adore Maximo. He is awesome.

Thanks for the heads up on the cd. I just preordered from amazon. :-)

Oh, wait. MP3 blogs & sharing are the scourge of the industry, and you are stealing from the artists.


You succeeded where all the record company marketing people FAILED.


06 februar, 2006 04:43  

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