12 februar 2006

DCFC - Copenhagen

There was some mixed feelings about the Death Cab For Cutie concert in vega last night. These mixed feelings almost ended in a docopenhagen fist fight on the stairs after the show. I think a lot of the bad vibes had something to do with the "No Smoking" policy that the band had requested... We are going backwards

Anyways here is a little movie I took with my pocket camera.


Anonymous Anonym said...

I still think that song is too Tim Christensen like....for christ sake it could be so much better!!!

13 februar, 2006 11:40  
Anonymous Anonym said...

I think it's fantastic that they have a no smokin policy...

13 februar, 2006 13:50  
Anonymous Anonym said...

i think it sux that people cant stand still and clap their hands instead...it's no happy-time song, it's a quiet song of love. Deat Cab become too famous, mainstream kids a ruin the show...damit

i'm going to the show at Fribourg/Switzerland this sunday. I'm curious about it.

13 februar, 2006 19:56  
Anonymous Anonym said...

I was bored out of my skull at that concert, but then again I didn't know them before the concert, so maybe I should never have gone after all!

14 februar, 2006 12:06  

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