03 januar 2006

Tom Brosseau on Fatcat

Folk singer Tom Brosseau has signed a contract with Fatcat Records. They have put together a compilation of his early recordings entitled "Empty Houses Are Lonely" which will be released on March 13th.

Tom made to the number 54 spot on the KEXP top 90.3 album of the year chart for his previous album "What I Mean To Say Is Goodbye"

If you never hear any of Toms music these mp3s is good place to start:

Live on KRFC, 12-30-03:
Kick Matilda out of bed (mp3)
I tune my guitar to the hum of the train (mp3)
I love Paris (mp3)

Also watch Tom on my favorite show Morning Becomes Eclectic (ram)



Anonymous Thomas said...

Han er fantastisk.

05 januar, 2006 18:13  

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