02 januar 2006

13 days of Mixmas

If you haven't allready been, we here at docopenhagen encourage everyone to check out youaintnopicasso's awesome christmasproject "13 days of Mixmas ".
The concept were, in his own words;

"I've asked twelve people I respect musically to compile small mixes of five songs max. The catch is that all the tracks have to be united by some theme of their chosing. Some of these are people who I think have great taste in music, but the vast majority are musicians that you most likely enjoy. It's been interesting to me to get results back both as a blogger, but also as a fan. Some of these bands have really come up with some great themes and wonderful mixes."

There are mixtapes from some of docopenhagens absolute favorites such as Tapes 'n Tapes, John Vanderslice and Of Montreal.

This is a great idea and what a result. Respect!

So what are you waiting for?? Go check it out!

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