02 januar 2006

Arctic Monkeys - When the Sun Goes Down (Video)

It's been a while since I made an Arctic Monkeys post.

As everybody should know by now the debut album 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' will be released on the 30th of January. What I didn't know was that they have a video out for one of my favourite tracks "When The Sun Goes Down".

Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (.mov)

By the way... The 12 Arctic Monkeys mp3s I linked some time ago are still availble for download here.



Anonymous Anonym said...

Hey, sorry I just took them down, I didnt realise they were left up and it seemed quite a few poeple found them and have been killing my b/w at a gig a day, sorry,

the torrents are still around though

03 januar, 2006 16:15  

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