31 december 2005

Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins

I'm looking forward to the solo debut from Rilo Kiley singer and actres Jenny Lewis. Rabbit for Coat will be out on January 24. Check out two tracks here:

Melt Your Heart

Rise Up With Fists



Anonymous Anonym said...

Your blog is brilliant, I'm Spanish boy, and I have found good swedish bands and others.
Thank you!

david & citiziens are good! but is not easy to find his discs in internet.

I recommend to you the song "en sus zapatos" de "Lori Meyers", a spanish band.


31 december, 2005 16:23  
Anonymous Anonym said...

I had a sneak preview of teh Jenny Lewis alb, and I have to tell you that it's all it promised to be and more...xx

11 januar, 2006 20:36  

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