29 december 2005

Flaming Lips and the Vines

Two releases I'm really looking forward to next year are the new album from the Flaming Lips album, "At War With The Mystics" witch is going to be released in April. It's supposed to be more electronic but yet more organic than "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" from 2002.
The other one is from the Vines. I'm not sure what the title is going to be. I hope that it's going to be as good as "Highly Involved" from 02. Their last album "Winning Days" from 04 was not the Vines at their best.

By the way I've been listening to this song all day. It's a cover version by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs of The Liars:

Mr. You're On Fire, Mr.

It's addictive.

Martin Buhl


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