23 januar 2006

Cameron McGill + Indie vs Bear vs Torr Podcast

I found this post on songs:illinois the other day. Since then Cameron McGill has been on heavy rotation in my iPod. I think I have listened to the track "What You Wanted" about 25 times today.

With his fragile voice and his storytelling lyrics this guy sounds like a mix between Jewel and Ryan Adams.

Cameron has a new album out called "Street Ballads & Murderesques" which you can buy at www.awarestore.com or go download two of the new songs at songs:illinois.

Listen to these fine tracks from Camerons first album "Stories of The Knife and The Back"

Long Way Back To California (mp3)
What The Hell (I love this girl Danielle) (mp3)
Oklahoma (give me company) (mp3)
Up In Arms (mp3)
Depression Glass (mp3)


Oh yeah by the way... I really like the "Indie vs Bear vs Torr Podcast" featuring Garrison of IndieInterviews.com, Chris of Gorilla vs Bear and Torr of Torr.org

Listen to it here (mp3)


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