19 januar 2006

Death Cab For Cutie - Live

I think everybody from the docopenhagen team (except CK who is going to celebrate his mother and father-in-laws silver wedding) is looking forward to the Death Cab For Cutie concert in Vega (support: John Vanderslice) on the 11th of February (still tickets left).

I am especially looking forward to my favorite tune of 2005:
DCFC - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (mp3)

In my desperate search for some live mp3s I stumbled upon www.dcfc-tour.net that does nothing but write about DCFC live shows. They also have some live recordings including a few cover tracks.

DCFC - Against All Odds (Phil Collins) (mp3)
DCFC - Friday I'm In Love (The Cure) (mp3)

Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Video - .ram) 1984 - so fucking cool

Speaking of DCFC - They are starting their Directions series on monday - I am so excited...

By the way... If you haven't tjecked out www.arcticmonkeys-remixed.com - listen to the mash up of:

Arctic Monkeys 'When the sun goes down' (scummy) vs The killers 'somebody told me' (mp3)


Blogger Iain said...

You have somehow got an extra http in the Arctic Monkeys song link...

20 januar, 2006 00:49  
Blogger Iain said...

Wait, it appears to have been fixed. Nevermind.

20 januar, 2006 00:50  
Blogger whoisjake said...

as it's said in the title of the file, Against All Odds Live is sung by the Postal Service and not DCFC. The song is great however Thanks a lot.

20 januar, 2006 20:01  
Anonymous mamamoutchi said...

That was a great concert yesterday.. And they played I Will Follow You Into The Dark :)
I am looking for some pics..

12 februar, 2006 18:28  

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