19 januar 2006

Sweatmaster + TheTrash Can

It's not music from Findland we mostly talk about here at Docopenhagen. So now it's time to introduce Sweatmaster from Turku. Their music is somewhere between raw, vigorous garage rock and punk, and they have a new single out with a cool video.

Good Looks, Big Deal (music video)

If you you like garage rock and punk, you should definitley check this out. Mr. Mike Spencer is playing all the good stuff in three radio shows called The Trash Can.

The Trash Can 1
The Trash Can 2
The Trash Can 3


Blogger swedish afro said...

we at http://themodernway.blogspot.com just loved the song!! and my friend spotted an easter egg maybe :P on the 58th second of the video there is a franz ferdinand - you could have it so much better album cover poster ;)

23 januar, 2006 21:50  

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