22 januar 2006

Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle - Rockposters

Beside my passion for music I also have a burning passion for art and design. Ever since my dad gave me a book about album cover art almost 20 years ago I have been exstremly fascinated by music related artworks.

Luckily my girlfriend shares my passion and one of our favorite things to do is shopping for rock-posters online.

I have posted some of my favorite links, but it would be nice if anybody who shares my passion would leave links to other sites in the comments.

My latest buy is this Animal Collective screen print by Avey Tare.

The Poster List
Standard Motion
Aesthetic Apparatus


Anonymous Anonym said...

Other Poster Places...


22 januar, 2006 22:29  
Blogger Thomas Christensen said...

Very cool - Thanks

22 januar, 2006 22:37  
Anonymous Perry said...

lucky me that is a poor student
otherwis i go wild with my mastercard here:http://www.wolfgangsvault.com

23 januar, 2006 16:18  

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