17 januar 2006

New album from Built to Spill

Build To Spill was one of my favourite bands back in the 90'ties. I actually didn't expect to hear from them again. But then I found out that they have a new album titled "You in Reverse" out in April. It's a follow up to their 2001 album; "Ancient Melodies of the Future".
Their new track sounds pretty fucking great to me. I sure hope that they are going to put out an album that will bring them right back as among the leaders of indie rock.
Check out: "Going against your" at their space.

Martin Buhl


Anonymous Anonym said...

Here, here! BTS was once the greatest indie band going. "Perfect From Now On" was their finest moment and if I do say, the finest album of the 90's. I miss them. The last few albums just didn't do it for me and I hope they return to form.

18 januar, 2006 13:24  
Blogger shawn said...

Keep it like a secret was definitely a great album. Tracks like carry the zero and you were right do it for me.

23 februar, 2006 20:17  

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