23 januar 2006

Alec Ounsworth / Flashy Python

Clap Your Hands say yeah is pretty much the talk of the town all over the world. I totally agree, that the selftiltled debut is absolutely brilliant.
What the fewest know is, that the charismatic lead singer Alec Ounsworth also makes music under the name Flashy Python. It appears that some of Flashy Pythons songs somehow has ended up on the Clap your hands say yeah CD, for instance the lovely “Detail of the war”.

Flashy Python - Poor Humpty Dumpty [mp3]
Flashy Python - Telling The Truth And Going Away [mp3]
Flashy Python - We Should Drop Like Flies [mp3]
Flashy Python - Details of the War [mp3]
Flashy Python - Wings of Stone [mp3]
Flashy Python - Underwater [mp3]
Flashy Python - Wide Awake [mp3]
Flashy Python - Cecil Stick With The Story [mp3]



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