29 december 2005

New Years Eve Tip

OK - No plans for The Big Night yet? Here's a cool tip for the cool indie dude with a cool budget:
1. Hit the Groove ticket shop for a Giant Village '06 ticket
2. Jump on a flight to L.A
3. Hit a couple of record stores (support support)
4. Get pissed with Wayne Coyne and The Lips, Junior Senior, Death Cab for Cutie and shitloads of cool DJ's....
Only Setback: The Black Eyed Peas hits the main stage at some piont...


Blogger Christian Korsager said...

Great Idea, but hey, you could also go to "Irving Plaza" in NY. The National, Dr Dog and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah plays a tripple concert...

30 december, 2005 13:20  

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