28 december 2005

First Impressions Of Earth

The new album from The Strokes has been floating around the Pirate Bay for a couple of weeks. I have been listening to it quite a lot and I have to admit that I like it more and more. In the beginning I thought that it had some kind of a The-Darkness-meets-Foo Fighters-flavour to it. But when you get more into it, its actually a really nice fresh album. The release date has been moved forward to January 2nd because of the pirate leak.If you haven't done so already, check out the video for the first single Juicebox that wasout December 5th.

Martin Buhl


Blogger Nat said...

Insound.com has The Strokes’ upcoming album "First Impressions of Earth"
available for pre-orders. You get a free “Juice Box” 7-inch single with
all pre-orders, and plus you can use the coupon code "earth15" to save
15% on your order.
Here's the link... http://www.insound.com/noteworthy/promo.php?p=530&from

28 december, 2005 15:22  

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