28 december 2005

Living In A Box

"Am I living in a box - Am I living in a cardboard box" - these words gets a whole new meaning with this super cool video from Panther (don't really know if I like the music).

Watch the video (.mov)

Panther’s music is a hard match of damaged soul, falsetto disco and broken synth fueled freak-outs, which is as addictive as it is challenging. Vinyl version Contains full album on A-Side plus 2 DJ friendly dance versions on the B-Side.

Panther debut 12" is out on the new label Fryk Beat in the beginning of the new year.

Unofficial Panther Site

Last video from me today... I promise


Anonymous Thorendal said...

You guys are amazing. I have no idea how you get to know all this interesting music, but it is surely pleasant reading and listening!


29 december, 2005 02:43  

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