28 december 2005

UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights

Speaking of good videos. This is one of the best music videos ever made. This will make it in to my top 10 videos of all time.

Unkle feat. Tom Yorke - Rabbit In Your Headlights (.mpg)


Anonymous guava said...

you are amazing. i love you!

29 december, 2005 18:43  
Anonymous Anbu said...

Am I too far out, or is that guy a symbol of Jesus Christ?

30 december, 2005 14:46  
Blogger danipage said...

I think it is all about that Jacob's Ladder movie :/

09 januar, 2006 13:23  
Anonymous Bortas said...

Interesting theory, that Jesus Christ thing... never thought of it like that.
But it is a pretty amazing piece of work!

10 januar, 2006 19:42  

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