29 december 2005

Mads Langer - Casual Cliché

I've earlier bragged about this dude - and to our international audience and users I'm proud to present Mads Langer.
Facts: Debut artist, 21 years old, talented like hell. Album coming out on Copenhagen Records this spring.

Casual Cliché - acoustic version.


Blogger Christian Korsager said...

Sounds like an early Thom Yorke... meant in a good way.

29 december, 2005 10:16  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Barbra Streisand + Jeff Buckley = Mads Langer ... meant in a I dunno way.

29 december, 2005 11:52  
Anonymous lieze said...

This old friend of mine is really talented!! At www.mads-langer.com you can listen to his single Breaking News, which I like better than Casual Cliché... - it's really worth checking out!

05 januar, 2006 17:21  

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