30 april 2006

Fucking punk rockers....!

..Went to the Danish Radio P3 indie celebration day last night and was bored out of my head, Danish punk rockers with trucker caps and and tight ties is so fucking two years ago!!!!
To my luck copenhagen dreamrockers DOI played an amazing gig and underlined their enormous talent and potential. To everyone out there who loves a little Mercery Rev, A little Lips, and a little Embrace, here's your new best friends.

Ray Lamontagne - Live EP

My DoCopenhagen colleague Matthiesen, once made a post about the fabulous Ray Lamontagne. I'm not sure if this is news or what, but Ray has released a great live EP. Check out these tracks:

Ray Lamontagne - Trouble (Live)
Ray Lamontagne - Shelter (Live)
Ray Lamontagne - Forever My Friend (Live)

Buy the CD "Ray LaMontagne Live From Bonnaroo 2005 EP" here
Or buy on iTunes via http://www.raylamontagne.com

Coca Cola "What Goes Around Comes Around"

Jack White has made this little song for some company called Coca-Cola.


Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Video)

Speaking of obscenely cool animated videos. Based on Rorschach inkblot tests, this is one of the best videos I have seen this year.

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (.mov)

Also check out this video:

Tiger Lou - Nixon (.mp4)

29 april 2006

Chad Van Gaalen + Pete Yorn

This insanely cool video for The impossible Shapes is animated by Chad Van Gaalen.

The Impossible Shapes - Florida Silver Springs (.mov)
The Impossible Shapes - Florida Silver Springs (.mp3)

If you are not familiar with Mr. Van Gaalen you should go a check out his album from last year called "Infiniheart".

Chad Van Gaalen - Echo Train (mp3)
Chad Van Gaalen - Clinically Dead (mp3)

Chad Van Gaalen on Sup Pop


Pete Yorn

Heather over at I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS has been wondering the same thing as I have - What has Pete Yorn been up to lately ? - Go read. - Or download this zip-file filled with 24 new, live and previously unreleased songs.

Funkstörung: The Nipple Twist

In thees Happy Slapping times you gotta be carefull...The german electro guys in Funkstörung might twist your nipples somewhere in New York...

The Nipple Twist


Check out Denmark's Cartridge on myspace.com. The guys are ready with the debut Enfant Terrible on A:Larm.

27 april 2006

Sister Vanilla ?

I just read on Pitchfork that the Jesus and Mary Chain albums are being reissued this summer. It made me wonder what happened to Jim and William Reid sisters band Sister Vanilla. Was her album "Little Pop Radio" only released in Japan ? And does anybody know how I can get hold of a copy ? - Leave a comment or send me an email.

Sister Vanilla - Pastel Blue (mp3)


John Ralston - Needle Bed

When I head the news about the return of The Lemonheads on Vagrant Records yesterday I stumbled upon Florida-based singer-songwriter John Ralston. His debut album "Needle Bed" is out on Vagrant on the 6th of june this year and includes the following songs:

John Ralston - When We Are Cats (mp3)
John Ralston - I Belive In Ghosts (mp3)
John Ralston - Gone, Gone, Gone (mp3)


If you haven't read about The Lemonheads re-unite yet - read it here

Kris Kristofferson

My all time favorite truck driver Kris Kristofferson is back on track. Check out these 2 dusty tracks from his new release "This old Road".

Final Attraction
Pilgrim's Progress
Video: This Old Road

By the way, I stumpled upon "Wild Geese Collective". It's a collaboration of 5 swedish guys, playing that alt folk/pop. On their website there's a lot of mediocre stuff, but there's also great songs like this one from Erik Mattson:

Erik Mattson - Captain of the boat


25 april 2006


I can't wait till next wendsday when my new favourite band Midlake will support Flaming Lips here in Copenhagen. Visit there website, aswell as there Myspace for great tracks.

THE RAVEONETTES - 3 new tracks

Stream 3 new tracks by The Raveonettes on their My Space site.

24 april 2006

Mew - The Zookeeper's Boy (Video)

Hey Hey My My !

Apparently there is a new French band called Hey Hey My My (they are not bad by the way). I guess they named their band after the Neil Young song.

I have been listening to the Oasis live version about times today:

Oasis - Hey Hey, My My (live) (mp3)
Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My (live) (mp3)

It's a trap! reader's companion volume two

Avi over at It's A Trap has put together 17 tracks from promising Scandinavian artists.

"Finally, after almost two years of waiting, the second edition of the "It's a trap! reader's companion" series is here. 2004's "Volume one" marked the first time that acts such as José González (now signed to Mute), David & the Citizens (Friendly Fire), Peter Bjorn and John (Hidden Agenda) and Khoma (nee Koma, now on Roadrunner) were heard outside of their home countries. This time around, it's not all that different - many of these artists are virtually unknown outside the borders of their respective homelands and almost half of the songs are being heard here for the first time anywhere. The burning question: Who will the breakout acts from "Volume two" be? All of them, I hope. They are all certainly more than worthy."

01. Hello Saferide - If I don't write this song, someone I love will die
02. Ricochets - Cold outside
03. Viola - Invisible revolution
04. Björn Kleinhenz - Pocket of gold*
05. Plain Fade - Itä-Aure*
06. The Bear Quartet - Birds are singing deep within the greenery
07. Moonbabies - Take me to the ballroom*
08. Munck//Johnson - Slavesong
09. Phonophani - I.F.A.
10. Money.Paper.ThePolice - Jim Morrison*
11. Det Gamla Landet - När vi vaknar*
12. The First Miles - The best one around
13. Paris - Captain Morgan
14. The End Will Be Kicks - Medicine and airbags*
15. Don Juan Dracula - Run away with you
16. Tiger Lou - Nixon
17. The Grand Opening - Slow motion*

* Previously unreleased

Go buy this baby for 6$ at www.itsatrap.com

Sia - Breathe Me (video)

This video is created with 2500 Polaroids - WOW! .

Sia - Breathe Me video (.ram)


23 april 2006

Luni Järvi - The Stars Above Indian Lake (video)

Check out this wonderful video for Juni Järvi directed by Susanna Scherp.

Juni Järvi - The Stars Above Indian Lake (.mov)


21 april 2006


20 april 2006


The Amsterdam trio Voicst have been touring around the wold for the past year in support of their album 11-11. The album is already released off their own label Duurlang Records. Eli Jannery from Girls against Boys is the producer. Listen to the album on voicst.com

19 april 2006

Josh Ritter - Live (Highly recommended)

Yesterday Ck recommended the Josh Ritter gig in Vega on the 26th of May. This is one of the "must see" gigs of the year and I recommend that you spend the 95 kr on this one. I you are not convinced yet - go download this live recording:

Josh Ritter live at Galway Roisin Dubh March 2006 (mp3)

Or go download 5 live tracks from Berlin on my favorite music blog rbally.


Stream "The Animal Years"

Josh Ritter European tour dates:
09 Birmingham UK - Glee Club
10 Manchester UK - Academy 2
12 Dublin Ireland - Vicar Street
13 Dublin Ireland - Vicar Street
14 Belfast Ireland - Empire
15 Glasgow Scotland - Oran Mor
17 Bristol UK - Fiddler's
18 Brighton UK - Gardener Centre
19 London UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
20 Paris France - Cafe de la Danse
23 Cologne Germany - MTC
24 Berlin Germany - Club 103
26 Copenhagen Denmark - Little Vega
27 Stockholm Sweden - Berns
28 Oslo Norway - Bla
29 Hamburg Germany - Stage Club
30 Brussels Belgium - AB Box
31 Amsterdam Netherlands - Paradiso

The European tour is supported by Swedish wonderboy Nicolai Dunger.

John Vanderslice: Trance Manual

Check out the new brilliant video for Trance Manual directed by Brent Chesanek.

18 april 2006

Greg Macpherson

The canadian singer/song writer Greg Macpherson has just been signed for the Copenhagen based label, Play/Rec. He's done a few albums back home, but now he's ready for Europe. The new album, Sun Beats Down, is lika a collection of all the best. Check it out if your into minimalistic songs with temper and a bite!

Good Times

Cutting Room (MP3)

Bankrubber (MP3)

Buy the album here!

Recommended gigs in CPH

If you’re in town tomorrow night, I recommend you to go to the Mazarin concert at Vega. It will only cost you 85 DKR. Friday 28th of April, Shout out Louds will play a double concert with Johnossi at Stengade 30. Belle and Sebastian will stop by Vega May 5th, and so will Josh Ritter and Jenny Wilson on May 26th and 31st.

Check out Thomas’ Mazarin update.
Check out some full tracks and a video from Johnossi here.
Check out my update on The Shout Out Louds here.

13 april 2006

The Indie Connection - The End

12 april 2006

City Lights

If you like I have a weakness for the clean and minimalistic sound of Scandinavian Indie pop, this might be something for you. By the way, these guys are produced by DoCopenhagen favorite Pelle Carlberg.

City Lights - Put it out
City Lights - Leaves
City Lights - Poor
City Lights - memories
City Lights - have you seen the rooftops lately?



By the way, Björn Kleinhenz has a new music player on his site, it contains a lot of old, but also some new stuff. Play that folk!

I know that this has been all over the net for ages, but check it out if you haven't already done so: Museum of bad album covers (I just love that Manowar cover)

10 april 2006

My Latest Novelle

My Latest Novel is the latest band to be called “The New Arcade Fire”. That’s usually enough to scare me away, but I just can’t stop listen to these wonderful Scotsmen.

Check out some downloads and streams here:

My latest novelle - Ghost in the Gutter
My latest novelle - Sister sneaker, sister soul
My latest novelle - When We Were Wolfes
My latest novelle - Hope

Sister sneaker, sister soul
The reputation of Ross Francis

Buy the debut album “Wolves”

Skywriter: Where Both Worlds Never Meet

What first struck me when i heard this album was the wonderfull diversity of it and still a straight expression throughout. Full of expectation I pressed Play once again, grappd the booklet to read the lyrics.

The debut album “Where both worlds never meet” by Skywriter is a very strong album indeed. The feel is perfect in every song along with the amazing lyrics and it sounds like the band has played together for ages. The charismatic voice of leadsinger and guitarist Jakob Dahn fits spotless and contributes quite unique to the music.

With “Were both worlds never meet” it’s hard to determine it’s specific genre in a whole because it contains both rock, pop and what you easily could call singer/song-writer tunes, and the fantastic Raymond Carver-like story that is told in “Dead end street” has a David Lynch feel, musically. The potential for finding your new all-time favorite songs on this album is enormous. Highly recommended.

//Jacob Berg Henriksen

Check out some songs from the album:


New York

For Heaven Sake

Where Both Worlds Never Meet

08 april 2006


Found this link over at Brooklyn Vegans. Apparently it's just what it's name says... Free indie for everyones listening pleasure!


07 april 2006

Le Sport

Tjeck out Le Sports brand new video from their new debut album
"Euro deluxe dance party"

It's Not The End Of The World [mov]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - live recording Mp3

05 april 2006

The Flaming Lips

I can't wait till my all time favourites, The Flaming Lips, will return to Copenhagen may the 3rd in Tivoli. The new album is amazing! Check out video to The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.

04 april 2006

Hell On Wheels - The Odd Church

From the wonderful Hybris Records:

"The magnificent Hell on Wheels is back! They sound better then ever! Guitars get shaken and battered, drums are thumped and thumped again in terrifying fashion, speakers distort, rhythms speed and slow down, amps get stretched beyond endurance over the top of this glorious, coruscating, heartwarming confusion of noise and sex and humanity."

Hell on Wheels - Alexandr (mp3)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Radio Indie Pop

I have been working very hard for the last few hours - but that doesn't matter - I have been listening to the new album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Radio Indie Pop.

02 april 2006

New People In Planes Acoustic Track

THC Quarterly Report