10 april 2006

My Latest Novelle

My Latest Novel is the latest band to be called “The New Arcade Fire”. That’s usually enough to scare me away, but I just can’t stop listen to these wonderful Scotsmen.

Check out some downloads and streams here:

My latest novelle - Ghost in the Gutter
My latest novelle - Sister sneaker, sister soul
My latest novelle - When We Were Wolfes
My latest novelle - Hope

Sister sneaker, sister soul
The reputation of Ross Francis

Buy the debut album “Wolves”


Anonymous Anonym said...

Not very good.

14 april, 2006 22:47  
Anonymous Anonym said...

A very nice band:

16 april, 2006 18:15  
Anonymous Anonym said...

excelent band! ;)

19 april, 2006 01:32  

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