27 april 2006

John Ralston - Needle Bed

When I head the news about the return of The Lemonheads on Vagrant Records yesterday I stumbled upon Florida-based singer-songwriter John Ralston. His debut album "Needle Bed" is out on Vagrant on the 6th of june this year and includes the following songs:

John Ralston - When We Are Cats (mp3)
John Ralston - I Belive In Ghosts (mp3)
John Ralston - Gone, Gone, Gone (mp3)


If you haven't read about The Lemonheads re-unite yet - read it here


Anonymous kendraaa said...

JOHN RALSTON- I LOVE YOU!....this is really good music guys, check it out! I saw him open for dashboard and he was seriously amazing!

01 juli, 2006 22:18  

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