24 april 2006

It's a trap! reader's companion volume two

Avi over at It's A Trap has put together 17 tracks from promising Scandinavian artists.

"Finally, after almost two years of waiting, the second edition of the "It's a trap! reader's companion" series is here. 2004's "Volume one" marked the first time that acts such as José González (now signed to Mute), David & the Citizens (Friendly Fire), Peter Bjorn and John (Hidden Agenda) and Khoma (nee Koma, now on Roadrunner) were heard outside of their home countries. This time around, it's not all that different - many of these artists are virtually unknown outside the borders of their respective homelands and almost half of the songs are being heard here for the first time anywhere. The burning question: Who will the breakout acts from "Volume two" be? All of them, I hope. They are all certainly more than worthy."

01. Hello Saferide - If I don't write this song, someone I love will die
02. Ricochets - Cold outside
03. Viola - Invisible revolution
04. Björn Kleinhenz - Pocket of gold*
05. Plain Fade - Itä-Aure*
06. The Bear Quartet - Birds are singing deep within the greenery
07. Moonbabies - Take me to the ballroom*
08. Munck//Johnson - Slavesong
09. Phonophani - I.F.A.
10. Money.Paper.ThePolice - Jim Morrison*
11. Det Gamla Landet - När vi vaknar*
12. The First Miles - The best one around
13. Paris - Captain Morgan
14. The End Will Be Kicks - Medicine and airbags*
15. Don Juan Dracula - Run away with you
16. Tiger Lou - Nixon
17. The Grand Opening - Slow motion*

* Previously unreleased

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