10 april 2006

Skywriter: Where Both Worlds Never Meet

What first struck me when i heard this album was the wonderfull diversity of it and still a straight expression throughout. Full of expectation I pressed Play once again, grappd the booklet to read the lyrics.

The debut album “Where both worlds never meet” by Skywriter is a very strong album indeed. The feel is perfect in every song along with the amazing lyrics and it sounds like the band has played together for ages. The charismatic voice of leadsinger and guitarist Jakob Dahn fits spotless and contributes quite unique to the music.

With “Were both worlds never meet” it’s hard to determine it’s specific genre in a whole because it contains both rock, pop and what you easily could call singer/song-writer tunes, and the fantastic Raymond Carver-like story that is told in “Dead end street” has a David Lynch feel, musically. The potential for finding your new all-time favorite songs on this album is enormous. Highly recommended.

//Jacob Berg Henriksen

Check out some songs from the album:


New York

For Heaven Sake

Where Both Worlds Never Meet


Blogger se said...

fuckin amazing man.. thanks for posting it!

30 april, 2006 03:39  

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