29 april 2006

Chad Van Gaalen + Pete Yorn

This insanely cool video for The impossible Shapes is animated by Chad Van Gaalen.

The Impossible Shapes - Florida Silver Springs (.mov)
The Impossible Shapes - Florida Silver Springs (.mp3)

If you are not familiar with Mr. Van Gaalen you should go a check out his album from last year called "Infiniheart".

Chad Van Gaalen - Echo Train (mp3)
Chad Van Gaalen - Clinically Dead (mp3)

Chad Van Gaalen on Sup Pop


Pete Yorn

Heather over at I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS has been wondering the same thing as I have - What has Pete Yorn been up to lately ? - Go read. - Or download this zip-file filled with 24 new, live and previously unreleased songs.


Blogger heather said...

thanks for stopping by! I was mentioning Pete Yorn to a friend of mine the other night, and he goes, "Pete Yorn? What has he been up to lately."

"EXACTLY!" I yelled.

30 april, 2006 01:37  

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