24 januar 2006

Sera Cahoone - My Seattle Favorite

Once again listening to the KEXP podcast paid off. I kept listening to the "Couch Song" by Sera Cahoone over and over again.

"Sera Cahoone is a twenty-nine year-old singer songwriter based in Seattle, by way of Colorado. Armed with her favorite Martin guitar, Sera’s music reflects her love of both old country-western and modern lo-fi. Her unique sound bridges the gap between the two genres, like a musical love child of Buck Owens and Cat Power. "

Sara has just completed her first full-length album which should be out anytime soon.

Listen to these two wonderful songs by my new Seattle favorite:

Sera Cahoone - Last Time (mp3)
Sera Cahoone - Couch Song (mp3)

Sera on My Space


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