24 januar 2006

Jenny Lewis - Rabbit Fur Coat

Speaking of songs you can't seem to get out of your head...

I know, I know Anders made a post about this album 3 weeks ago but after listening to the two tracks below something tells me that this album will make my top-20-albums-of-2006 list.

The album "Rabbit Fur Coat" is out today on Bright Eyes label Team Love.

Jenny Lewis - Melt Your Heart (mp3)
Jenny Lewis - Rise Up With Fists! (mp3)

Jenny on My Space


Anonymous Anonym said...

yeah! Love everything with redheads and twins. This must be how Nina Persson wanted A Camp to sound. It's great!

28 januar, 2006 20:21  
Anonymous Seb said...

That's sweet !

29 januar, 2006 01:16  

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