27 januar 2006

Figurines - Best Danish Band ?

No it's not the docopenhagen team dressed up as The Residents for Halloween. It's the Danish band Figurines.

The reason why I'm writing this post is that we recieved an email from from someone who calls himself "B" he writes:

"Why aren't Denmark's best band Figurines linked on your site? Their CD "Skeleton" might just be the best of the decade. No? Oh well. Their live show is amazing too. If you guys quit sniffing around Portland, Oregon so much and walk out your front door....you're gonna find music that'll put Denmark on the map finally! "

Well B - FYI Anders did link Figurines some time ago and I do not know what to say about the "best of the decade" thing...

Anyways... Figurines released their "Silver Ponds" in Canada and the US three days ago.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, then listen to these tracks and make up your own mind:

The Wonder (mp3) - From Skeleton
Rivalry (mp3) - From Skeleton

Divided By The Shore (mp3) - From Shake A Mountain
The Danger (mp3) - From Shake A Mountain

More sounds and video on www.figurines.dk or Figurines at My Space.

By the way... Mr. B also provided us with a link to www.pancakemountain.com - Tjeck out Bright Eyes talking to a big white rabbit or sheep or what the hell that thing is...


Anonymous tara said...

well it is no secret the figurines kick butt compared to kashmir.

29 januar, 2006 15:16  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Talkin 'bout danish bands, what about links to Diefenbach and Under Byen????

29 januar, 2006 19:59  

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