07 juli 2006

Unreleased Ray Lamontagne stuff

Yes I know I've written about this guy a couple of times before, but I just can't stop listening to his simple folk songs...
Our frinds over at Fuel friends, have posted a whole lot of unreleased material. Check out these goodies, and if you like what you here, download the zip-files containing 51 songs in total! Some of the songs are pretty lo-fi, but there's just so much nerve in them anyway.

Ray Lamontagne - Heaven is a honkytonk (mp3)

Ray Lamontagne - Live and unreleased (Zip-file / 19 songs)
Ray Lamontagne - Green Demo (Zip-file / 10 songs)
Ray Lamontagne - Acre of land Bootleg (Zip-file / 11 songs)
Ray Lamontagne - One lonesome saddle (Zip-file / 11 Songs)



Blogger heather said...

Thank you for the link! :)

09 juli, 2006 05:57  
Blogger popliteus22 said...

Could you update this please, the links don't work anymore, I've been looking everywhere for those demos and can't find them, thanks

03 december, 2007 05:40  

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