04 januar 2006

The Black Angels

I was listening to the KEPX podcast (probably the best music podcast at the moment) and they played a song called "Black Grease" by The Black Angels. I've been listening to almost nothing else but Indie-Folk-Pop for last few weeks so this noisy band from Austin, TX, was definitely a nice surprise.

Their debut album "Passover" comming out on March 28th on "Light in the Attic Records". Watch out for it...

Black Grease (mp3)
Black Grease (video/mp4)


And speaking of noise - I can't wait for the new Sonic Youth LP thats comming out this year.

Between tours throughout 2005, SY have been working on new music for their next LP. Initial recording for this new LP has commenced at legendary Sear Sound Studio, where Sister and Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, and Thurston's Psychic Hearts were recorded. Songs recorded in the first days of the sessions linclude 'Pink Steam', 'Do You Believe in Rapture?', 'Or' and 'Sleepin Around'. Look for a release sometime in 2006.

From: www.sonicyouth.com


Blogger AKARAFF said...

I would recommend the Brian Jonestown Massacre if you like this. Great psychadelic rock.

04 januar, 2006 21:52  

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