12 juni 2007

Roskilde 2007 Countdown - 23 days to go

Jens Lekman - Thursday, July 5th

It has been a hard time being a Jens Lekman fan in Denmark, as Jens is pretty much using all his time in foreign countries like Cambodja and Brazil. Jens haven't visited Denmark for ages, but now we will finally have the chance to sing along with the young Swedish crooner. If you for some unknown reason miss the concert, you can also see Jens Lekman in Aarhus in august. More on Pop Revos site.

You gotta love lyrics like these:

"If you ever need a stranger
To sing at your wedding
A last minute choice
Then I am your man

I know every song, you name it
By Bacharach or David
Every stupid lovesong
That's ever touched your heart

Every power ballad that's ever
Climbed the charts"


"Oh silvia, I was dancing to Michael Jackson
oh silvia, when I heard your german accent"

Jens Lekman - You are the light
Jens Lekman - If you ever need a stranger (to sing at your wedding)
Jens Lekman - Black Cab

13 free Jens Lekman MP3's here




Blogger Efe said...

please dont cont down. i cant go and desiring it unobtainable 8) or i am waiting detailed review after fest.

13 juni, 2007 02:25  

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