09 juni 2007


Josephine Philip & Ane Trolle is driving me crazy with the tune "Hold Nu Kay" - For some reason I can't stop listening to it...



Blogger bidibis (aka g.a.n.g) said...

I think Denmark is growing very interesting musically. Lately i ve been listening to some Danish bands and i can say im really amazed. I wouldn't be surprised if Danish music became as popular as Swedish in few years time. Norway isn't doin bad either.

Wish i could here more from you about denmark's music scene

As for the incident in the Denmark Vs Sweden match... cool mate! Just when I thought that only the Turks were able for that kind of stuff!

09 juni, 2007 16:43  
Blogger Christian Nielsen said...

Det er kraftædme en grim beklædningsgenstand de to damer har itrukket sig!

09 juni, 2007 17:30  

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