09 juni 2007

DoCopenhagen @ Roskilde Festival 2007

Once again the kind people at Roskilde Festival has offered a couple of media tickets to the festival. We will do an extensive guide to the festival over the next weeks - so stay tuned. Until then check out the Indie Laundry mp3 guide to the festival.

If you are at the festival this year you can probably find us sipping artificial sweetened daiquiris at the V2 stand or send us an email so we can have a beer.

One of this highlights is of cause The Flaming Lips. Check out this live recording from Oklahoma.


Blogger Rasmus said...

tak for linket! ses på roskilde? rasmus/indielaundry

16 juni, 2007 23:57  
Blogger DoCopenhagen said...

Det skal vi... jeg har lige sendt en mail til jeres gmail for 5 minutter siden

17 juni, 2007 09:47  

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