14 februar 2007

New Kleinhenz + Grizzly Bear

DoCopenhagen darling Björn Kleinhenz emailed me a few mp3s from his upcoming album the other day. I promised him not to share them with anyone yet (So I won´t). But if the rest of the album is half as good these tunes there is deffintly something to look forward to. Today I realized that Björn has another great new song up for everybody to enjoy on his MySpace page. Here is a direct mp3 link provided by Stytzer.

Björn Kleinhenz - Sing YEAH (mp3)

You can still check out the videos we did with Kleinhenz on You Tube.

Another thing I have wanted to post forever is the new video by Grizzly Bear. Apparently they have been working on it since August and the final result is amazing.

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