05 februar 2007

Michael Bach - Lovers Don't Need - EP

Yet another free EP from the Swedish music collective Wild Geese Music has landed in my inbox - Enjoy.

"The "Lovers don't need EP" was written on free moments towards the end of 2006, with a stolen guitar on a poor mans bed in a bedroom painted red. The songs where recorded on five separate days in December and Januari (of 2007...) on poor equipment and one microphone. All songs where written by me, Michael Bach, who also played all instruments, recorded, mixed and so forth."

Michael Bach - Lover Don't Need (mp3)
Michael Bach - Black Come Back (mp3)
Michael Bach - I Don't Mind Taking It Slow (mp3)
Michael Bach - Touches, And Hands You A Song (mp3)
Michael Bach - Treading The Ground (mp3)



Anonymous Anonym said...

love it! a big thanks for this.

09 februar, 2007 11:54  
Anonymous Anonym said...

this is really great, thank you.

13 februar, 2007 07:24  

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