12 februar 2007

Coming soon...

As always, sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of days. We have been busy recording our second Video Podcast. This time it's Eli Mardock from Eagle*Seagull who was so kind to do a little acoustic set for us at Lille Vega here in Copenhagen. I am especially excited about the stripped down version of "Death Could Be At the Door" and a cover of "My Drug Buddy" by The Lemonheads. The final result should be up very soon, so if you haven't yet you should subscribe to our feed in iTunes.

There is a little problem with the feed due to our shift to the new version of blogger, which means that you might get a few music videos in iTunes as well...

BTW the Eagle*Seagull concert was fantastic despite the fact that only 45 people (I counted them) showed up at Lille Vega. Check out my pictures from the concert and the Podcast shoot here. Or check out Christians photos here.

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