14 januar 2006

Tina Dico - Price winner from DK

Danish National radio P3 celebrated danish music anno 2006 tonight at the yearly P3 Gold show. The main price - the P3 award - was cleverly handed to lovely and talented singer/songwriter Tina Dico (formely known as Tina Dickow)
Dico's big break is just around the corner - monday brings the single "Warm Sand" to the UK shops, and the album "In The Red" pops up on the 24th in the states and UK. I've seen Tina Dico live many times now - and every time i fall even more in love with her.... just something about her!
Try for yourself here, Live at KCRW

And Tina, Congrats from your favorite blog dudes!


Blogger Thomas Christensen said...

That show sucked so bad that I had to turn it off after 20 minutes... In my humble opinion P3 and DR in general is loosing it. Especially after Thomas Madvig made a comeback to the Danish airwaves silence seems to be a seriously alternative to this radio station - I don't know how much they pay mr. Krede to play nu-rock - but it's to much.

Anyways... this show has to be the biggest motivation to keep on doing what we are doing...

DR and all other established networks... look over your shoulder...we are coming to get you !

By the way... Tina you deserve that money... spend it well

Love / T

14 januar, 2006 07:55  
Blogger Martin said...

I have to agree with Thomas though I'm afraid his Messiah repression is getting out of hand.
I have to add:
First of all Award Shows stinks. Second, besides Raveonettes, no good music came out of Denmark last year.

14 januar, 2006 16:43  

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