11 januar 2006


There is something about M83 that I can't describe, but it makes me feel good! Teen Angst
You can watch more videos at www.ilovem83.com


Blogger Senor Guano said...

I am completely agree!! I discovered them for myself when you posted the top 50 videos of 2005.
Just amazing.
Those videos too......just something about it.

A million thanks to you for opening my ears to their music!!!

13 januar, 2006 18:28  
Blogger Senor Guano said...

ooops sorry....it was posted by someone else on here. But thanks all for this blog anyway!

13 januar, 2006 18:30  
Anonymous Rottin' in Denmark said...

I got yelled at by this band outside of a venue in London (they were opening up for the Rapture), and I was sort of disappointed to find that their music was really good. I've seen them twice since then, but haven't had the pleasure of being shouted at in French since the first time. . .

14 januar, 2006 05:49  

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