20 november 2005


Reminiscent enough to be familiar, yet fresh enough to be exciting, SOFT is the sound of five guys making one big sound: spacey, shimmering, beautiful rock music. Formed just over a year ago, the genesis of the band was an organic one with mutual friends from areas as divergent as Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, and Connecticut coming together to do what seemed most natural to them: make music. The lack of a stated musical blueprint produced not the expected chaos but a surprising cohesion, and the song writing began. Months of perfectionist tweaking and fine-tuning culminated with a trip to a haunted ranch in upstate New York, which in turn yielded the five songs that eventually landed on the band's debut EP.
Listen to the song Higher. And buy the EP here!


Anonymous Anonym said...

Soft are already my favourite band and I've only heard this one song...

20 november, 2005 19:07  

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